Ufuk Bal

BIO: Ufuk Bal is the Programme Director of educational research department IDEA*LAB as the key expert and consultant. He has been actively working and coordinating several projects in youth, adult education and VET and as consultant at CoE, EC, and several ministries in Europe. His strong skills and knowledge on developing formal and non-formal education programme as well as coordination of large scale events are the key of IDEA*LAB that provides services on sustainable development of society. His main focus on Social Innovation through creating link between CSOs and SMEs as well as ADULT and YOUTH as inter-generational dialogue defines the scope of activities in IDEA*LAB.

Areas of Expertise: Capacity Building, Social Inclusion, Youth Policy, Moderation and Trainings


Michal Hermanowicz

BIO: Michal Hermanowicz is the project manager and coordinator of IDEA*LAB. He is fully in cooperation with the business sector and foundations (CSO) developing innovative approaches which brings them together with multidisciplinary approach for new understanding in society by connecting individuals with the social and business sector together.

Areas of Expertise: Project Management, SMEs Development Plan, Entrepreneurship


Alicja Konury

BIO: One of the experts that have joined the cooperation with IDEA*LAB is Alicja Konury.
She is the main expert on digital skills, professional branding as well as public relations and marketing of CSO. She has wide range experience working with youth and developing educational models for children and students.

Areas of Expertise: Digital Youth Work, NGO Digital Marketing, Advocacy Campaign Management


Joanna Kamuda

BIO: Joanna Kamuda is the marketing specialist and public relations of IDEA*LAB. She is key person in the structure of the ADULT Education and VET with high skills in managemet and online education matters. She takes the initiative on developing education programs and workshops and supporting the social innovation in Poland.

Areas of Expertise: Social Marketing, Project Management, Philosophy, Public Relations



Chcę – wiem – umiem

Październik / Listopad 2023, Sobótka / Oleśnica / Wrocław Projekt „Chcę – wiem – umiem” był realizowany w ramach zadania „Młodzież aktywna na rynku pracy”, na zlecenie Urzędu Marszałkowskiego Województwa…

Przedsięweź ster we własne ręce!

Lipiec / Sierpień 2020, Bolesławiec/ Legnica / Oborniki Śląskie / Strzelin Projekt „Przedsięweź ster we własne ręce” jest realizowany w ramach zadania „Działania wspierające aktywizację młodzieży na rynku pracy”, na…

Academic Conference Open Youth Work

January 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania | The academic conference will focus on Open Youth Work. It will also see the launch of the International journal on Open Youth Work. The journal…

Seminarium Baltic youth research(ers) up-graded

Maj 2018, Warszawa, Polska | Seminarium Ogólnopolskie „Polityka młodzieżowa w Polsce” współorganizowane przez Polska Rada Organizacji Młodzieżowych PROM oraz IDEA LAB FOUNDATION pod honorowym patronatem *LAB DRG sp. z o.o….

Shaping palette of Inclusion

July/ August 2019, Kiev, Ukraine | Art allows youth to challenge their selves and go beyond the boundaries. This means that art can be used as a way for us…

YEAD Festival – Youthquake for culture

July 2019, Brussels, Belgium | A Youthquake for Culture: Young Europeans filming Cultural Democracy Final event of the project, this festival is meant to open up the ongoing questionings of…

Developing Resilience Through Youth Work

September 2019, Zagórze Śląskie, Poland | Developing Resilience Through Youth Work – Wroclaw, PL. The mobility of youth workers project that has the potential to change the entire working culture…

Kompetencje miękkie – nie dla mięczaków

Październik/Listopad 2019, Oleśnica/Ząbkowice Śląskie, Polska | Projekt „Kompetencje miękkie – nie dla mięczaków” jest realizowany w ramach zadania „Działania wspierające aktywizację młodzieży na rynku pracy”,na zlecenie Urzędu Marszałkowskiego Województwa Dolnośląskiego,…


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